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The smashing follow-up to Part 1, this ebook covers Relationship and Day Game. (click the book title for more info)

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You've finally landed that quality hottie and you decide that you want to keep her around for awhile.

Does this mean the game is over? Absolutely Not.

Lots of guys want to learn game to eventually meet one girl to get into a long-term relationship with.

THIS book shows you how to:

  • How to keep her interested.
  • How to keep her attraction and attention without devoting all of your energy and time into her.
  • SECRETS for players to have healthy LASTING relationships with beautiful women (you won't believe how well these work!)
  • You’ll be taught how to deal with ‘competition’ from other men and how to NOT be constantly worried about her cheating.
  • How to affectively Day Game without using weird or unnatural lines
  • And much, much more!

Here's what just a few of the thousands of happy readers had to say about this ground-breaking ebook!

Well Christian McQueen has done it again, dropping some hardcore truth bombs and awesomely helpful content in his latest book “The Alpha Playboy 2” A follow up to “The Alpha Playboy” Unlike a fizzled out movie sequel, this book is substantive in content and whether or not you are already in a relationship should be read by all men! I would even say that all of Christian’s content should be mandatory reading for junior high boys – just like how shop class was required. This is a very worthwhile book. Christian once again packs a punch of robust content to help guys develop their mindset and confidence with women.


If you consider yourself a player, or you want to become a player, there's two books you should own over anything else: The Alpha Playboy and The Alpha Playboy Part 2. These are the 'bibles' on Game. I wish I would have had these years ago. Better late than never.


If you are a man and you buy just one book in your entire life about how to deal with women in relationships, buy this book. It is unlike anything I have ever read on the male/female dating dynamic.

Dr. J

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