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The authority on picking up strippers. (click the title for more info)

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Here are Just Some of the Things You’re About to Learn:

  • The Secret Stripper Conversation Formula
  • Why Strip Club Game is the PERFECT game for rolling solo.
  • How to Get a Strip Club on-Lock before ever setting foot in the door!
  • The Different Stripper Types (and which ones to STAY AWAY from)
  • The 8 Secrets to Strip club Game
  • The absolute BEST thing to wear when going to a Strip club
  • The Step by Step Formula to get Threesomes from Strippers (your buddies will be SO envious, they’ll pay YOU to find out how to do it)
  • The one KEY to attracting strippers (and anyone else) to you like aMAGNET.
  • and much more!

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