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CONVERT Deep Conversion Game (Full Instant Access) 

The ONLY blueprint system for getting a girl to fall in love with you.

Learn all of my secrets on great sex, including new stuff I’ve never written about, or would dare release in a public space 14 video modules that include the following modules:

Module 1: Deep Conversion Overview

Module 2: The Types of Conversions

Module 3: Selecting The Girl

Module 4: Selecting Your CONVERT Profile

Module 5: Timeline of Deep Conversion

Module 6: Kink in The Pink: Sexual Mastery Part 1

Module 7: Kink in The Pink: Sexual Mastery

Part 2 Module 8: Kink in The Pink: Sexual Mastery Part 3

Module 9: The Withdrawal and Pleasure Method

Module 10: Behavioral Consequences

Module 11: Creating A Bubble

Module 12: Fool’s Paradox Paradise

Module 13: Dealing With False Accusations

Module 14: CONVERT Conclusion I show you EXACTLY what to do, including a time-line and more so you’re never wondering what to do next to keep her interested in you.

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